Which seeds to sow this year

Which seeds to sow this year

Choosing which seeds to sow this year can be a tricky decision to make! With so many available in all kinds of colours and varieties, browsing the seed packets on the shelves on in a catalogue can be daunting and exciting all at the same time. Before you become overrun with seeds, here is how we recommend you choose what you want to grow so you know which seeds you need to get your hands on. 

Plan before choosing which seeds to sow this year

It can be exciting to pick all the seeds that you love as soon as you see them and this is definitely one way to enjoy seed shopping! But, to avoid having many more packets of seeds than you really need, planning first is always a good idea. Think about your garden or allotment and write down what you want to achieve for the year ahead. Would you like to grow a cutting garden or prefer to grow vegetables or perhaps you would like a wildflower patch and some herbs in pots? Draw a plan and write a list of the plants you would like to grow. 

Do some research for you choose which seeds to sow this year

Now you have a list of everything you would like to grow, knowing how much space you have and time to commit to sowing, potting up and caring for your plants, do some research. From gardening books, friends, family and online resources, check out the type of plants you would like to grow. Consider their eventual size and what you will use them for…a herbal tea…your favourite vegetable dish, or just to admire in the garden as the bees enjoy them as well. You should now have your final list. 

Which seeds to sow this year when the options are tempting 

Well, there are not many gardeners who take their list to the store and don’t come away with some seed packets they didn't plan on! It’s hard not to be tempted by the many wonderful plants to grow. Largely though, stick to your list first and then if you want to pick up something different think about where you will sow them and make sure you have all of the equipment needed. 

Storage ideas to think about when deciding which seeds to sow this year

There will be many seeds that won’t need to come out of their packets until spring and even throughout the summer so for those that you are not ready to sow straight away, consider where you will store them safely. Generally, a seedbox in a cool dry place is best to keep them in perfect condition to soon sow and grow. 

We’ve got all of your seed sowing needs covered from a great variety to grow to accessories and tools.